Hurricane Time in Caroline

Welcome, welcome, welcome to the first blog I’ve ever committed. May we remember this forever.

Another first for me, the first song I have ever made available for purchase is Hurricane Time in Caroline. The first, but certainly not the last; many more singles to come.

About my “Hurricane Song”… Guy Clark had a song he wrote called “Tornado Time in Texas”, which highlighted all the cultural nuances of life in south Texas during tornado season. Guy’s lyrics captured my imagination so strongly that I soon began almost involuntarily forming my own song about life in North Carolina during hurricane season. I even kept a similar musical arrangement to Mr. Clark’s Tornado tune because I thought of my song as sort of cousin to his song. Over this past summer, I had the opportunity to perform this song for Guy’s long time co-writer, side man, and friend, Verlon Thompson. When Verlon gave his approval of my Hurricane song, I knew I hadn’t missed the mark too badly! ** Verlon’s own songs are powerful works and if you are not acquainted with his music, I recommend you seek it out.

Now, some folks have jokingly accused me of jinxing our state due to the fact that I wrote Hurricane Time about a month before Hurricane Florence made her presence known to us. I take this lightheartedly and am willing to joke about it myself. But, truth be told, I had difficulty performing this song for a time after that storm because I saw first hand the destruction it left in it’s path. Homes were destroyed. Families displaced. Lives lost. A storm like that was no laughing matter. But, my song was and is from my heart a celebration of our Carolina spirit, where we literally weather the storms. So, I will sing this song and I hope y’all will sing along with me as we keep an eye on the horizon.

Enjoy the song. Support home-grown music. Don’t be a stranger!

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