about earl jones music school

Earl Jones Music School is the largest private music academy in the state of North Carolina with over 300 students per week and three locations:

in the beginning…

In 1975, Earl Jones started teaching guitar with just four students. That number quickly grew to twenty and within two months he was giving lessons to 40+ students! In just a matter of a few more months he was teaching 150 students per week with a waiting list. He realized the need to train teachers to handle the student load and subsequently started a teacher training program that included not only all of the musical knowledge and skills but communication skills, people skills, and patented techniques and methods.  His teaching method consistently turned out top level musicians who have performed in every venue from MTV to The Grand Ole Opry.  The number one requirement for instructors at Earl Jones Music School is a love of music, a passion for teaching, and compassion for people of all ages, a love and passion that his son John Jones inherited.