A Chance vs. A Sure Thing

We have in our nation’s current state,  the responsibility to do some significant decision making as individuals.  The decision we make will have us gambling either on a “chance”, or on a “sure thing”,  which seems like a no-brainer, but maybe this choice deserves a deeper look.

On one hand, we can be a people that take a chance and get back to work and life, as a lot of us desire.  This path is admittedly a risk because we expose ourselves to the chance of making this pandemic worse.

There is that chance.

But then, there’s the other option: to stay home and play it safe. Sounds good, right?  Yes, we can do this; we can hope the government figures this out, cross our fingers and wear our mask, but this is where the “sure thing” factors in.  It’s a sure thing taking this path leaves zero chance for our economy.  Zero chance for our nation’s tomorrow.  Zero chance for our future generations to be the nation of freedom we are supposed to be.

So, if we are looking for something predictable in this blur of a year, there it is. It ain’t pretty, I know, but it’s like they say in combat situations: “There are no good options, only bad and worse.”  And the decision making doesn’t stop there, either.  If and when we do interact with others, how prepared are we to be responsible and willing to change our lifestyles for the sake of our neighbor’s health?

So we, as individuals, let me say that again, INDIVIDUALS have the duty and right to decide which path to take.  What kind of people are we willing to be in a crisis?  Do we stay home and hope everything works out ok?  Put our fate in the hands of people we’re not even sure play by the same rules and may not have our best interest in mind?

Or take a chance.

No way around it, this means potentially losing loved ones.  Are we wiling to face these losses in the act of moving forward?  Are we willing to gamble and be the ones who sacrificed our safety so that the next generation, my kids and yours, have a nation to inherit?

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